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What is it?

As I see it, sustainability is about creating a balanced environment for us to live in.  Because, we absolutely cannot afford to be environmentally reckless we must try to maintain a reasonably healthy planet.

There are a lot of issues, let me try to identify a few:

  • Depletion of soil nutrients
  • Pesticide and herbicide use
  • Industrial farming
  • More and bigger is better
  • Transportation of food and getting it to your table
  • Hybrids and genetically modified organisms
  • Preservatives
  • Advertising that especially misleads children
  • Addictive ingredients in some foods that get us back for more
  • Replacements for sugar with chemical substitutes that creates even more hunger
  • High priced land values that makes selling off small farms desirable

You don’t have to tell me that you are busy and have high stress levels at work.  I get it, family obligations and paying the mortgage are your primary concerns.  Really, I do understand – been there, done that.   People stand in grocery store isles reading ingredients in an attempt not to poison their families.  Becoming informed is beneficial however until we realize that large food corporations are obligated to their stockholders first, I suggest that we are all a bit naive.  As we read about healthy lifestyles, a reoccurring theme is that if it comes out of a package “buyer beware”.

For all of these reasons Square Foot Gardening has caught my attention.  The principles that Mel Bartholomew has been working on since 1976 hit me like a ton of pumpkins.  My Dad was a farmer as a boy and we always had a garden.  I taught high school science and biology for over thirty years, advanced placement environmental science and wrote the curriculum for horticulture at Quincy High School in Quincy Massachusetts.  My attention has been drawn to sustainability and the issues of keeping us all healthy.  When a colleague of mine suggested that I read Square Foot Gardening I got the book and read it and could not put it down.  Mr. Bartholomew is doing something that we all should know about if in fact we are concerned about all the issues that I listed above.  If you’re interested you can take a peek at his website.

My goal is to show you how the entire family can get involved in and enjoy producing your own nutritionally rich vegetables and herbs. You may not have enough time in your busy schedule to do all of this,  I can help.  Once we get started it gets very easy.

We can help each other to grow toward sustainable, health lifestyles; 1 sq. foot at a time.

Visit us on Twitter – https://twitter.com/  Search for ( 1 sq. foot at a time )


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